The Legend Thomas Marecki Soon at Open Walls Gallery!

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Thomas Marecki, portrait via Freunde von Freunden

What could be next for Mr. Thomas Marecki, now that his very own Lodown magazine has reached its final chapter? Undoubtedly and confirmedly, the magazine was one of the most demanding and the most fruitful projects undertaken by the artist. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was also the most engaging way to address popular culture from a brand new angle at the time, which is what made it so incredibly sought-after. The Berlin-based magazine was embraced and appreciated on a global level, despite the fact that it was sold in print rather than read online. Each edition was a true masterpiece, a work of art by itself, designed in a specific manner, designative of diverse qualities and displaying new ideas on design, fonts, typography and photography each time. But apart from this admirable accomplishment, there are many other things that Marecki can also be proud of, and while most of them are directly or indirectly related to the magazine and its production, they are all intriguing as individual projects, regardless of their potential connection to Lodown.

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Thomas Marecki at Lodown 100 exhibition, Berlin 2016

Graphic Design as a Point of View

The first alias of Thomas Marecki’s was Marok, and you may remember him under that name. He used to make graffiti (and in a recent interview he said he still does it sometimes) which somehow naturally resonates with his profession. As you may already know, Thomas Marecki actually specializes in graphic design, and you’ll definitely remember that next time you take a look at one of Lodown’s hip covers, since they are all designed in a tasteful, visually-informed manner. It is possible that graphic design helped Marecki stay in touch with the rapidly changing course of trends both in popular and alternative culture, or maybe it was the magazine that did the work. Either way, it seems like Marecki somehow always goes one step ahead of his own time, which is why we need to respect his decision to shut down the magazine.

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Thomas Marecki – Studio

Thomas Marecki – Lodown Magazine Founder, Artist, Designer, Curator

So what will, indeed, Marecki be doing in future? We had a chance to see him as a magazine founder and editor, a graffiti writer, a graphic designer, an artist, a thinker and a curator as well. A person with so many talents and such versatile experience must have a lot to say (or draw) on art. Some of these “visual essays”, so to speak, were translated into a book in 2002, called M – transforming language, and this in-depth investigation into the relationship between linguistics and design continued through his other works. This specific interest could also be a way to announce his Traphic project, which displays an almost synesthetic sensibility that relates mobility and a seemingly static thing, such as language, or graphics.

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Thomas Marecki – Photolaser print for boxdesign, 40 x 30 cm

The Private Sketch at Open Walls

Finally, the main topic of this article is a forthcoming event, which will be the best way to crown Marecki’s work so far and translate it into a series of graphic works and sketches, all made between 1996 and 2016. This 20 year long period must be somehow, even if subconsciously, related to Lodown, nonetheless it is one hundred percent authentic and original, coming from Marecki’s own mind, through his hands and onto paper. These works will be followed by a series of new ones, made for this particular show. The Private Sketch will be on view from July 14th through 30th at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin, and the title of the show might give a hint of what kind of emotion follows these works – personal, expressive and straight from the heart!