Vermibus and the Unveiling Beauty Project – Soon at Open Walls Gallery

vermibus unveiling beauty

Vermibus, Unveiling Beauty London, 2015 © Mark Rigney, Courtesy the artist and OPEN WALLS Gallery

One of things that makes urban interventions so powerful is the fact that they can reach a large number of people. That way, the message they convey is even stronger, and the result they get even more rewarding. Such technique works perfectly well for the world of advertising, for instance, and many large industries, like fashion, rely on it to spread their own word and set certain standards that function to their advantage. What they don’t usually expect is for someone to use their own weapon against them, and this is the case with Vermibus’ Unveiling Beauty, a daring, rebellious and unapologetic project, to say the least.

vermibus unveiling beauty

Vermibus, Unveiling Beauty New York, 2015 © Mark Rigney, Courtesy the artist and OPEN WALLS Gallery

Vermibus – Unveiling Beauty

During the four grand stages that the Fashion Week takes every year in New York, London, Paris and Milan, Vermibus developed a cunning advertising campaign of his own. Sometimes in the dead of night and sometimes in broad daylight, the Berlin-based artist would remove the all-too-familiar posters and billboards from frames and lightboxes spread across these cities, work them over and then put them back where they were – and the results are quite haunting. Using transparent solvents, Vermibus dissolves the original colouring of the posters he steals, transforming it into something else by scratching, manipulating and rubbing their surface. The final image looks familiar, yet it is a brand new one, and it shows a different kind of beauty, one that is not impossible to reach or is imposed to the viewer and, more importantly, the consumer, without their free will. This is the core concept of the Unveiling Beauty Project.

vermibus unveiling beauty

Vermibus, Unveiling Beauty Milan, 2015 © Mark Rigney, Courtesy the artist and OPEN WALLS Gallery

The Power of Advertising

Using an original approach, Vermibus addresses some very important issues in today’s society: what is the difference between perception and awareness? Consciousness and observation? According to the artist, advertising holds an immense influence on us on a personal, sociological, political and environmental level, willingly and, more than often unwillingly, making an impact on our choices, decisions, the way we think and act. As such, they cannot be ignored, but controlled, and Vermibus dedicated himself to setting the necessary boundaries between our minds and the imagery we’re being bombed with on a daily basis, not by making us look the other way, but by making us look closer. It is without a doubt a direct critic of the concepts of fashion industry and its ally advertising, usually short-lived because of its illegality but recognized and supported nevertheless.

vermibus unveiling beauty vermibus unveiling beauty vermibus unveiling beauty

Vermibus artworks at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin

Soon at Open Walls Gallery Berlin

More than thirty artworks will soon be on display for the Berlin public to see, including some brand new pieces created exclusively for this occasion, as well as the gems pulled out from the artist’s remarkable archive produced over the past four years. Vermibus’ celebrated Unveiling Beauty series will be shown in an exhibition hosted by Open Walls Gallery, between June 2 and 25, 2016. The opening ceremony is scheduled for June 2 from 6pm to 10pm, and the artist will be present.

vermibus unveiling beauty

Vermibus intervention in Berlin, 2015