About Us

Guillaume Trotin

Born 1979, Guillaume is the Founder & Director of the OPEN WALLS Gallery.

OPEN WALLS Gallery focuses on street art & urban art. As a result, we personally know, manage, and work with many of Berlin’s most famous and established street artists. This makes our tour stand out – we are very well connected in the scene, which takes our tours on a very intimate route through the heart of Berlin’s street art. We want to share this knowledge with you, head over to our booking and reserve your tour today!

“When I arrived in Berlin in 2004 I immediately fell in love with the art I saw in the streets and particularly the work of Alias who has been very instrumental in my decision to dedicate my career to Urban Art. I remember seeing his stencils on my way home, telling me a story, sharing feelings and emotion. He became part of my life before we even met in person, that is the beauty of art in the streets: to reach out to people at a very unexpected moment. Since 2009, I have been fully dedicated to this scene and I’d be happy to share my experience with you. I’m ready when you are.”

Elodie Bellanger


Born. 1981, Elodie is the Founder of BERLIN STREET ART.

“I relocated from Paris to Berlin 10 years ago and what immediately struck me is the dynamism of the city and its vibrant street art scene. I started my first gallery project in 2009: the infamous West Berlin Gallery. This experience enabled me to learn a lot about the street art movement and its protagonists. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and my passion for Berlin Street Art“.