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Mathieu Durget

Mathieu Durget

Mathieu Durget was born in Paris in 1978. He makes the visits in French and German.

At the age of 9, in 1987, he moved to Berlin and immediately fell in love with this city steeped in history.
It was in the 1990s, after the fall of the wall, that he discovered graffiti and alternative cultures, Berlin being the epicentre at that time.

Today, his passion for Berlin is still alive and he will be delighted to show you this unique city through the prism of its complex history and the arts omnipresent in its streets.

Katia Hermann

katia hermann

Katia is a French-German art historian, curator and writer. She does tours in French, German and English.

Katia grew up in Paris, discovering graffiti and painting as a teenager, art became her passion and she decided to study art history and cultural management. She visited Berlin several time in the 80ies before moving here in 2001. Since its emergence, she is observing the urban art movement, doing research, meeting artists, writing and curating shows, willing to support this global art movement. Her tours are combining urban context, the history of the city and the stories behind Berlin’s urban art, graffiti writing and street art.