About Us

Guillaume Trotin

Born 1979, Guillaume is the Founder & Director of the OPEN WALLS Gallery. He does Private Tours in French and English.

OPEN WALLS Gallery focuses on street art & urban art. As a result, we personally know, manage, and work with many of Berlin’s most famous and established street artists. This makes our tour stand out – we are very well connected in the scene, which takes our tours on a very intimate route through the heart of Berlin’s street art. We want to share this knowledge with you, head over to our booking and reserve your tour today!

“When I arrived in Berlin in 2004 I immediately fell in love with the art I saw in the streets and particularly the work of Alias who has been very instrumental in my decision to dedicate my career to Urban Art. I remember seeing his stencils on my way home, telling me a story, sharing feelings and emotion. He became part of my life before we even met in person, that is the beauty of art in the streets: to reach out to people at a very unexpected moment. Since 2009, I have been fully dedicated to this scene and I’d be happy to share my experience with you. I’m ready when you are.”

Katia Hermann

katia hermann

Born. 1971, Katia is Art Historian and Curator. She does Tours in French, German and English.

Katia Hermann’s main focus are thematic exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. She is particularly interested to reveal narratives in art and in the context of exhibitions as well as in film and to bring them in correlation and interaction. Since its emergence, she is observing the urban art movement closely, doing research, networking and willing to support this global art movement.

“Before I moved to Berlin in 2001, I gained an absolutely outstanding experience in the art industry around Europe. As an independent curator and cultural manager I participated in a numerous art-related projects. All of this allowed me observe and engage very closely with art and especially urban art. I will be thrilled to take you on my journey around Berlin and share my unique experience with you“.